I spoke yesterday to Keith Lancaster at the Florida Baptist Association. He was calling because I had sent an email to the office the day before requesting info on how to connect with the local Director of Missions in the area. My purpose for the email was two-fold. I desired to connect with the DOM to see what God was already doing in the area and also to set up a time to meet local pastors during our visit in July. God not only accomplished both in my time with Keith, but I also met a new friend and was encouraged greatly by what he shared. 

 I shared with him our story and our desire and call to the Sarasota-Bradenton area. His response was amazing. He shared with me that the last few years he had been praying that God would send someone to the Sarasota area. He had even admitted to trying to talk potential planters into the idea of Sarasota but no one had ever bit. He shared that there is a great need in the area and committed to pray for GoodLife. He also requested a chance to meet when we are down in the area in July. So July 22nd Beth and I look forward to meeting with Keith and other local pastors to share with them our hearts and most importantly to hear what God is already doing in the area through the local churches. I am praying for this time…Praying that God would use it to begin friendships, to spur each other on, to connect the leaders of the local Body of Christ and to increase our love for the city and the Body in the area. 

Keith prayed with me before we hung up and I couldn’t help but smile knowing that God had connected GoodLife with another prayer partner and that God was using his prayer to confirm our call to the area. So thankful for God’s faithfulness! Also thankful for Keith. Thanks bro!

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