Last night was interesting. Beth and I were relaxing in our sitting room and Beth was sharing with me how in her devotional book “Jesus Calling” the reading for that day had talked about the importance of waiting on God and His timing. I agreed with her (and the Lord) in principle as I sat in my chair, but the truth is I rarely agree in practice. Typically, once God has given me an idea I run with it, many times running right past His timing and into a realm called independence. The truth is it always causes unneeded stress and I find myself having to back track to the starting point and then begin listening to Him in the next steps. It’s like a runner who false starts. You can run as far and as fast as you want, but you will always have to come back to the starting block again and re-start at the gun if you want the run to count.

I am learning that I am not the only one taking a risk in this step in our lives. My wife is taking just as much of a risk. My kids are taking the risk, my friends who will plant with us are taking a risk. The network that supports me will be taking a risk. Pinelake will be taking a risk. Because of all this, I can’t false start. I can’t afford to get the idea and just run ahead. It is in my best interest and in the interest of everyone involved if I wait for the gun, and when it goes off, I am praying everyone will hear it. I will be careful to run only where He leads and make sure I have my people with me. 

*Other news. We had a couple commit to going with us. We are pumped. Can’t tell their names yet, but we are SO EXCITED! They have been friends for years!

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