The Power of Remembering

There are some things in life we would like to forget. Maybe it was a big mistake, or a painful experience. Maybe it was a broken promise. Memories have the tendency of haunting us. They can hold us back or even paralyze us, terrified to make the same mistake again. Memories can also be good. The taste or smell of something that takes you back to a moment of joy from the past, a song that transcends time and space and takes your mind to a place so real, that you know for sure if you opened your eyes you would be back to that moment when the song first grabbed at your soul.

As a follower of Jesus memories can haunt us. Memories of our many failures to obey Him, memories of the shame of our sin, memories of hurt caused by others that claimed His name. So much of the past that we would like to forget, so we embrace today and press towards the future. But not all memories are bad. Sometimes the only way out of the rut we might find ourselves in today is through the memory of the past. Not our sin and shame, not our failures and pain. The memories that have the potential to lifts us out of the rut and place us back in a good place are the memories of His faithfulness.

The Psalmist writes in Psalm 77:11-12

“I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will meditate on all your works and consider all your mighty deeds.” (NIV)

He chooses to remember who God had been in the past in order to claim the presence and faithfulness of God during a tough time in his life today. Memories can be powerful enough to take us to where we need to be today. No matter what rut you might be stuck in, no matter how far away God seems to be, determine today to remember His power in your life in the past. Meditate on who He has been to you and consider all He has done for you. As the memories come flooding back, hear Him whisper this promise to you… “ I am the same God I was then, I am the same yesterday today and forever. I am with you, I love you, I have not left you.”

Don’t be afraid to remember the yesterdays… they just might be exactly what you need for today.

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One response to “The Power of Remembering

  • Dale horsley

    The smell of chicken wings and pizza at angelos coal fired pizza! Maybe they’ll have a joint on the west coast! I remember thinking of your ridiculous prayer for God to bless that meal, as it turns into fat and hardened our arteries!

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