Confirmation, My Birthday, and an amazing week

In the midst of my first moment of doubt since saying yes to planting, God gave us the most amazing confirmation. A woman from our local church here in Mississippi, who is sensing a call to the Tampa Bay area for her and her family, contacted me out of the blue to ask me to begin praying about planting a church there. During worship on Sunday she received some clarity on her personal call to the Tampa Bay area (something she has been fighting and trying to figure out for years) . The Highlight video for the week was on church planting and during it the church was challenged to pray for planters to rise up and for people from our church to be sent out. The Lord used it to reveal to her that she was supposed to be part of a plant in the Tampa Bay area and the Lord immediately put me and my family on her heart. She had no previous knowledge that we had already been praying and had already said yes to planting in the area. As she was sharing her story of what God was doing in her and her family I heard the Lord encouraging me that He was in this and that He has a plan for Good Life that I can’t even imagine.

If that wasn’t a BDAY present enough, our little Josie gave her life to Jesus on Tuesday June 28th after Kids Week at Pinelake Madison. All 5 of us joined together in prayer in our sitting room as she surrender her life to Jesus. It was one of the most precious moments our family has ever shared!

And if THAT wasn’t enough I celebrated by 32nd birthday on Thursday and got the sweetest cards from my family, some really nice clothes, and a whole bunch of encouraging messages on facebook.

This was definitely a GOOD week for GOOD LIFE.


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