Another Confirmation

I will keep this short and sweet.

While on mission in the 9th Ward of New Orleans on July 12th 2011 with my students a van pulled up and asked me for directions. This is odd because #1 there is almost nothing left of the lower 9th ward and #2 it was my first time there #3 there was literally not another car in site in the whole neighborhood. After making small talk with the 4 people in the car I noticed their license plate was florida so I asked where they were from. Their reply… “Bradenton-Sarasota”. I smiled and told them that my family was moving there in a year to plant a church. She smiled and handed me her card. She is a real estate agent that specializes in commercial property and told me she would keep her eyes and ears open for not only a meeting place for our church, but a home for our family as well.

Lord…are you serious? LOVE IT!

Also met today 14JUL11 with Rob Wilton from Vintage NOLA, a church planter, and a close friend, Mike P. We shared coffee and he gave me some advice. Good coffee, better advice. Amazing time. Thankful for him and his willingness to have a kingdom mindset for NOLA and the globe.


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