I officially resigned from my position as Student Pastor effective Sept. 30th and signed the offer letter to take the position of Church Planting Resident at Pinelake.

After we said yes on Thursday we found out on Friday that the “pay-cut” I was worried about last post wasn’t a pay-cut at all. I almost fell over when Tim Smith told me. We had been stressed about it for over a week but through prayer together, Beth and I still felt confident that God would provide. He did the next day!

Today the news went out to the staff at Pinelake and very soon it will go out to the church. It is bittersweet because I am looking forward to sharing the vision with everybody and anybody who wants to listen, while at the same time sad to have to have those same conversations with hundreds of the best students in the world. God has blessed me so much through leading them over the last 4 years. I am just sad to say goodbye to them and to an amazing and rewarding season we shared for 4 years.

Please pray that God would go before each conversation and each student and prepare their heart for not only the news of us leaving, but to the future of what He still has in store for them in our student ministry.

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One response to “GOOD NEWS/SAD NEWS

  • Alison

    I am so excited for ya’ll!!! I have loved reading all these posts and seeing all the confirmations that God has given ya’ll! That is exactly what He did for us in the beginning of this adoption process! Love ya’ll!

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