I am being blown away by the gospel lately. I am beginning to understand that many people intellectually understand the good news and even can recite its summary verse (John 3:16) yet don’t believe it. In John 3:18-21, Jesus clarifies who actually believes the gospel. Jesus says, if you step out of the darkness and into the light you believe. If you still live in darkness, you do not believe. It is when the fact that God SO LOVES you gives you the confidence to step out of the darkness and into the light by faith, that you actually believe. What keeps so many in the dark is that they don’t believe. They don’t believe that God SO LOVED, HE STILL DOES, and IT CHANGES EVERYTHING! If they did, then they would step out of the darkness. But as long as they choose to deny the truth of God’s ultimate display of love, as long as they doubt that once exposed in the light God will still feel the same way about them and the love He offers will not be pulled away, they will not experience eternal life. Darkness will be there destiny. This is so sad. So many people, living in darkness because they simply don’t believe the gospel enough to be affected by it. Affected enough to rise up from their unlocked cells and step into the light.

I am grasping now that my mission in this world is to remain in the light, exposed for the world to see the work of Jesus in a wretch like me, and to call out to those in the darkness to come out in belief of what the Gospel offers. GOD SO LOVED, HE STILL DOES, AND IT CHANGES EVERYTHING FOR WHOEVER BELIEVES!


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One response to “THE GOSPEL

  • Dale

    We are so on the same page when we talked about this scripture. If I had to condense the bible to a salvation passage, this would be it. Being ” born again”. I’m excited for the future brother!!

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