It is Official! Good Life is LEGAL!

Hey everybody! Just got word that Good Life Church is officially recognized by the State of Florida as a non-profit incorporation. This is huge for us in a couple ways! 

#1 The name “Good Life Church” is not already taken by another Florida church. (So we aren’t copying anyone!)

#2 We can now receive contributions for the church directly and being recognized as a non-profit legally gives us the ability to administer contribution statements for all money given for tax purposes! So what that means is if you are reading this and you already know our heart and believe that God is sending us to the Bradenton/Sarasota area then I ask you to give towards the work. Whether it is a one time year end gift or if you desire to partner with us on a monthly basis the legal side is done. So you are free to give however you feel the Lord leading you to do so! If you plan on writing a check make it out to Good Life Church. We are receiving at the address below until we get our PO BOX set up.

Good Life Church

52 Chestnut Dr.

Madison, MS 39110



This week I have been doing demographic studies of the Bradenton/Sarasota area and my mind is filled with information. Some of these studies are necessary but I am finding myself numbed with the numbers and statistics.  What I keep reminding myself is that all the numbers I study, whether it be population, crime rate, cost of living, age distribution, school scores, etc… all of these represent real lives. Real people, some know Jesus and some don’t. Some will be part of Good Life and other’s won’t. Some will become our neighbors, friends, and become part of our stories, and some won’t. Pray for me as I continue to study numbers and stats and that my heart remains on loving people, lives and souls. 


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