Happy Thanksgiving from Good Life Church

My wife is good at everything. She is so creative and works really hard at establishing traditions for our family. Last year we all made little turkeys out of styrofoam cups and other crafts. We then used them as place settings at each of our respective chairs at the table. This year she has stepped up her game. Starting at the beginning of the month we have each day been writing things we are thankful for before dinner and placing them in a large jar in our dining room (without letting others see what we wrote). The jar is now filled with about 100 cards and counting. On Thanksgiving Day as we sit down together we will each read the cards out loud from the jar. It has been so cool watching our kids hold each other and us accountable to write down something each day. Good day or bad day every evening we are reminded that God has been so good to us. I can’t wait to read Beth’s thoughts throughout the month, or Josie’s little prayers from her “sunshine” perspective on life. I can’t wait to hear the thoughts of my son Silas, the deep thinker, and Rayna our blossoming teenager. This month has been such a roller coaster of emotion as the church plant becomes more and more real and moving becomes inevitable. The sign says “sold” out front and each of us are becoming keenly aware that our lives are going to be much different this time next year. Knowing that all of this has caused some interesting days around the house I am anxious to hear from the rest of the family how God has continued to show His faithfulness to them this month on a day to day basis. 

Please know that as we experience this time together as a family our hearts will be filled with wonder at how God has used each of you in some way or another to support or encourage us. Many of you have given me just the right words of encouragement on a tough day and many more of you have been praying for us and for the church. We want to say a BIG THANK YOU from the Smith family and Good Life Church for your faithfulness to us as friends, family and fellow servants of Jesus. We will pray for you together as a family this Thanksgiving as we know you will do the same for us. 


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