Jeremiah and the Flight Attendant

Ok, I know I should be an in-flight evangelist, but the truth is, when I fly, I like to put my headphones on and read. No offense to the other people on the plane, but I really do enjoy a couple hours to myself. Sometimes God interrupts my reading plans for a conversation with someone and it turns out awesome, but on my flight this week, I just really wanted to read.

So I am reading Jeremiah and listening to my favorite playlist on my ipod when the cabin door closes and the pre-flight instructions begin. I turned my ipod off as instructed and put it away. For the next few minutes the flight attendant went over all the information for the flight and then gave everyone the federal law directed safety briefing. Maybe it is from my time in the military, but my biggest pet peeve is when people either ignore or talk while someone else is talking, especially when the person giving directions is someone with authority or when they are sharing important information. It just bothers me. Flight attendants have a tough job. They get up to share valuable, possibly life saving information, yet no one listens… People keep reading, don’t turn off their electronic devices and don’t even lower the volume of their conversations. It’s just rude. Millions of people fly everyday and almost all of them ignore the flight attendant, that is, until they need them. Maybe for a drink, or a pillow, or a blanket, but the flight attendant is seemingly invisible until the people realize their need for them.

After Olga, the flight attendant, finished her briefing I picked back up my Bible and continued reading in Jeremiah. It dawned on me as I read that people treated the prophets the same way we treat flight attendants today. When the prophet came with a word of warning or instruction from God, the people ignored and even were stirred to anger for infringing on their freedom. For years, the prophets would communicate the most valuable information the people needed for their well-being, yet every word would fall onto deaf ears. It wasn’t until the people’s selfish lifestyles were altered that the people actually noticed the prophet. Not until the consequences of their sin became too much to manage or the cloud of the coming doom loomed dark enough to affect their daily lives, then and only then did the people actually listen.

Reading through Jeremiah has been such a challenge and an encouragement to me. Jeremiah’s cause was committed to God and regardless of the response of the people, God’s word was like a fire in his bones. I pray that this would be true of me and of Good Life Church. May we commit our cause, sharing the gospel and life to the Bradenton/Sarasota area, to Jesus and also be persistent, regardless of the people’s response, because we are confident of the power and truthfulness of our message.

PS. Put your book down, turn of your ipod and be sweet to your flight attendant.


Also- You may have noticed the link at the top right of the blog called  “CLICK HERE TO GIVE TO GOOD LIFE CHURCH (PAYPAL)”. We are less than 5 months out from moving and this thing is getting real, real quick. Here is our need -$200,000 in start up cost by June, so we have a long way to go, but we are confident God will provide through awesome and faithful people like you. Some will give one time gifts. Some will partner monthly for the first year and other will be longtime giving partners. I ask you to pray about what, if any, the Lord is leading you to give to see Good Life Church be planted and impact the local Bradenton/Sarasota community and furthermore the world and then give what the Lord says!  All of these funds are transferred into our Good Life Church account through PayPal’s secure site and all giving is tax deductible. Just make me aware of your desire for a giving receipt and I will get it to you by email.


I Thess. 2:8


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One response to “Jeremiah and the Flight Attendant

  • Dobry

    Brother… what a great analogy of the flight attendent of your flight and prophets of old and us of today! Pray many blessings on the Smith and Good Life Church family!

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