Big Weekend

Please pray as I will be in Bradenton this weekend. I am looking forward to connecting with some new people and having some clarifying meetings.

Please pray for a safe trip, favor in the meetings, for Beth and the kids, and for my heart to be tuned into what God wants me to see and experience.

This is also a big weekend because our support letters are being sent out. Each one was prayed over individually before they were stuffed and placed into envelopes and mailed all across the country. As I looked over the addresses to the many people and churches that have played a role in my life and ministry I caught a glimpse of the Kingdom. The mission of a local church in Bradenton, supported by believers all across the country, so amazing! We see this same thing happen throughout the New Testament with Paul as he makes needs known and local churches stepped up to the challenge. God used their faithfulness and resources to spread the Gospel then and my prayer is that He will do the same with these letters.

As I am typing this final line “The Good Life” by One Republic started playing on the TV in the bedroom. I can’t help but smile.

Love you guys. Thanks for following our progress, praying for us, and supporting God’s work in us.


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