Church, Houses, and Hospitals

Hey everybody! Wanted to post an update.

My trip to Bradenton/Sarasota this past weekend (Jan 21-24) was so valuable. During the trip I was able to narrow down two specific areas, meet with a lot of awesome people, attend two different churches, do some house hunting and get to know Tim Wheat (Pastor of Church Planting at Pinelake) a lot better.

Though I had a better feel for the area, I still hadn’t heard clearly from the Lord on a defined direction until we got on the airplane to leave. Just before takeoff as I was reading the scripture and begging God to speak, His voice broke through with power and purpose. His word began to flood my mind and heart and speak to me in the deepest places of my soul. I always know His voice because it comes faster than my mind can process and many times He will say, “Write this down”. So I did. In a matter of 5 minutes, the Lord told me where to plant, what house to buy, and even laid out through His word a ministry strategy that He has for Good Life Church.

As the plane took off I wanted to stand up and shout for the pilot to land the plane because I had “gotten my orders”. I decided not to for fear of being arrested and charged with a federal offense so instead I continued writing and then shared this revelation with Tim Wheat. He smiled and confirmed much of what God had said. Tim did an awesome job this weekend listening to me and not forcing his own ideas and thoughts, but remaining quiet enough for me to hear Jesus speak. I am so thankful for my friend and mentor.

Upon landing in Jackson yesterday afternoon my wife drove my son, Silas, and me directly to the emergency room where he was treated for a flare up with his asthma. Unfortunately they couldn’t keep his stats up, so here I am writing this from a hospital room. Don’t feel too bad for him though. He is playing video games, drinking soda and flirting with nurses. He is just fine. Prayerfully we will be able to go home tonight. Please join us in praying for his health.

Love you guys!

*Giving update- We have now officially passed the 1% mark. In other words God has provided through His people 1% of what our start up costs are. That doesn’t seem like much, but we are that much closer to seeing Good Life Church funded for the move in June. God has called us and we know He will provide!

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