Nehemiah, Yellowstone, The Grammy’s, and DNOW

-God has been teaching me so much about leadership this last week as I have been studying the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah is the story of how God uses a man to return to Jerusalem and lead his people in rebuilding its wall while bringing life and purpose back to the people of God. Nehemiah’s leadership is built on a clear call from God, spiritual gifting, a dedicated prayer life, natural leadership skills, and a never say never attitude. I wish I could take him to Good Life with me, but instead God is using his life to teach me lessons on stepping out and leading in what seems like an impossible mission. If you have some time this week, join me in reading this amazing story in scripture.

-Yellowstone National Park- Amazing. I had the privilege of being asked to accompany a close friend on a trip to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming. We snowmobiled (aka. Sleddin’) all over. The temperature was well below 0 in the mornings and it didn’t get higher than 30 the whole time we were there. I learned two things. 1. You can worship while driving 90mph on a snow mobile. 2. I am thankful I am called to the warm beaches of Florida. THIS BODY WAS NOT MADE FOR THE COLD! I sounded like a baby as I struggled with keeping my hands from falling off! I really enjoyed the time away and spent some great times listening to the Lord as my prayers were back dropped by the most beautiful landscapes I had ever seen.

-The Grammys- WHAT WAS THAT? I had no idea what was happening half the time. I am getting old and I guess I am much more disconnected from pop culture than I thought. The tribute to Whitney Houston was amazing by Jennifer Hudson and I really enjoyed watching Adele clean house! I truly love the arts and I thanked God last night for calling my family and me to an area where the arts are celebrated and valued. It is going to be cool witnessing people’s artistic gifts come alive once they experience Life in Christ!

-DNOW- I had the opportunity to speak at a local DNOW here in Brandon, MS for 3 Methodist churches. There were over 250 students involved and God’s orchestrating of the entire weekend was amazing. Many students gave their lives to Christ, many others made decisions of repentance, were restored and God was glorified. The message of the Gospel is so much fun to share. It lifts burdens, answers difficult questions and gives peace and comfort! I am so privileged to spend my life sharing this message!

* Giving Update- Being away for a week forced me to separate myself from the “daily bean counting”. While I was gone God continued to stir the hearts of people all across the nation to partner with us both in prayer and in financial support. A BIG thank you to everyone who has stepped out and has given to help see Good Life Church become a reality in Bradenton/Sarasota. My prayer is that God continues to build a support system that provides for all of our needs and shares the vision for sharing the Gospel and Life with the people of the area. Remember you can give by using paypal. Just click on  the “donate” button above or you can send a check to:

Good Life Church

PO BOX 423

Madison, MS 39130

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