Love changes everything! That is what we believe, say, and live out as Good Life Church. The Gospel, the truth that GOD SO LOVES YOU AND ME, should change everything about our lives, our dreams, our futures, our relationships, our plans, our everything! I guess the vision casting over the last few weeks to the group of about 20 people meeting with us in Mississippi has been effective because since Friday, one of our couples got engaged and another couple got married. They took the fact that LOVE CHANGES EVERYTHING literally!

It is a humbling experience to serve such a talented, loving and just down right cool group of people. I am looking forward to seeing how many more will join us on our journey to Bradenton/Sarasota in the months ahead.(only 9 weeks left!)

Please continue to pray for clarity in the group’s heart in reference to their commitment or involvement in Good Life.



 Financial Update

Since sending our initial  support letter out to 100 families from over 20 states we have already received financial support from a handful and have others still considering how they will give. My next post (by end of week) will be a status post on where we are financially as well as a providing a copy of the content of our support letter to the many of you who read this blog through facebook/twitter updates and did not receive a letter through the mail. We are only 9 weeks from moving and less than 7 months away from launching our gathering on a weekly basis in Bradenton.

Love you guys.

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