Counting Confirmations!

God is so AMAZING! The fish fry has come and gone and as a result we are officially at the 30% funded mark (pre-launch budget). Huge thank you to the Vandermeeden’s and everybody else who helped put the Fish Fry together! Beth, my kids and I all pulled away from the Fish Fry excited, encouraged, and even more sure that God is going to work all the details out.

Cool story I have to share. I got a call from our loan officer yesterday informing of us a “snag” in the loan process for our new home in Bradenton. The VA had not waived our funding fee which forced us to bring another $8,000 to the table at closing. I couldn’t believe it and after we ended the conversation I just stared at the wall in my office and said this to Jesus, “Lord, you are going to have to do something.” If anybody reading this has ever had to work with the VA they know, it can sometimes be a long and drawn out process with a whole lot of red tape. So I prayed and did a little research online. I found a number to a VA Loan office in St. Petersburg, Florida and I figured I would take a shot. In a matter of a few minutes I was not only on the phone with a real person (that is a miracle in itself), but was actually talking to the exact person who had processed my paperwork. When I explained the situation to her and how I was surprised the fee was not waived due to the fact that I am a disabled veteran she not only agreed but re-did the paperwork and processed it in a matter of only a few minutes. The phone call lasted only about 5 minutes and saved me and my family a lot of money. 

After I hung up I realized that God was testing me, not so He could see how I would respond, but to reveal to me how my heart would respond to a “snag”. I noticed that I didn’t freak out, that my blood pressure didn’t raise (ok, maybe a little), and I didn’t get nasty on the phone. I knew that God was going to work it out, and the truth is, HE DID! Sometimes in life we stumble upon things on the path of God’s plan that seem like immovable mountains that will keep us from our ultimate destination, yet when we take a step back and really think about it, it is only a facade. If we are in fact on the path God has led us on, and we are in fact following Jesus, then nothing that lies in the way is too big, too difficult, or too costly for Jesus to fix or move for us. 

I love this journey and I am loving getting to share it with you. Beth and I are meeting with our interest team tonight. Please pray for the over 20 people who are counting costs and seeking God’s will for them and for Good Life Church.

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