Stop Signs, Stolen Dog, and Moving Trucks


So I was driving home around lunchtime a few days ago when I kind of slowed through a neighborhood stop sign. (I know, I was wrong!) As I continue down the street a truck coming the opposite direction pulled over on my side of the street forcing me to slow to almost a complete stop. I assumed it must have been somebody I knew so I rolled my window down to talk and to my surprise it was a stranger. This stranger, a local yard guy, aggressively corrected my driving and commanded me to stop fully at stop signs. I was so shocked, I wasn’t really sure how to respond. So I did what any manly man would do when confronted… I changed the subject and asked him if he did fertilizer. My response surprised him and seemed to disarm him. After getting the number of a friend of his that did fertilizer we drove our separate ways. So I drove home and plopped down in my chair to process what had just happened. My blood pressure began to rise and I got angry. Thoughts like, “how dare this guy pull me over, he is a lawn guy for goodness sake, not a cop!”… “I should of told him to mind his own business”… “I should have told him about how if he ever did that to me again I would…” Man I was bothered. I rarely get like this so I couldn’t help but ask Jesus, Why am I so upset? I hated the way I felt. As I got still before the Lord, He spoke. He showed me that what really bothered me wasn’t the fact that I was corrected, but rather that I was corrected by somebody that didn’t have authority to correct. If it was a cop, I would have expected it. I did something wrong, I broke a law, and as a cop they have the authority to correct me and give me a penalty. That is expected. But not from someone just like me, just another guy that lives in the neighborhood. After He showed me why I was so bothered, He then revealed to me the fact that I sometimes attempt to correct people that I don’t have the authority to correct nor the invitation from them to share my opinion. I realized that I am the yard guy in the truck some days. It’s not that what I am saying isn’t true and that what they are doing isn’t wrong…it’s just that correction from someone without the authority to correct always comes off wrong. I also realized that I am always trying to fix people and situations. I have always been the hook-up guy, the fixer. This situation revealed to me that sometimes it’s best to just  let it go and instead spend my energies praying that the real Fixer, Healer would do what only He can do in their lives.


Our dog, Pebbles, got out of the backyard Wed. night after our kids had left the gate open. And just like that she was gone. We searched the whole neighborhood until after dark shouting her name, whistling and all for not. All 3 of my kids cried themselves to sleep and even Beth, who is probably the one least attached to Pebbles in the family, didn’t sleep at all. Things just weren’t adding up. Pebbles never wonders more than a house away and she has a bedazzled collar with her name and real cubit zirconiums all over it, as well as our name and phone number. Could someone have stolen her? So on Thursday after picking my oldest up from school early for being sick (aka. emotionally drained) I continued to search the neighborhood, no luck. After hanging out at the house and taking some phone calls I decided to go out one more time (Pebbles had been gone for about 18 hours at this point). As soon as I walked outside our neighbor girl walked up to me with her friend and presented Pebbles collar to me and told me she found it in the grass about 50 yards from our house. I was shocked… I mean somebody actually took our dog, took off her collar, threw it down and attempted to make her theirs. After putting some old police work and interrogation skills into practice (Thanks USAF) I learned that a boy in the neighborhood was seen with her and where his house was. After confronting his mother, and going on a wild goose chase from house to house, Pebbles was finally returned home yesterday with 24hours of being taken.

So what did we learn?

1. People, even young kids, are driven by self-preservation and will not tell the whole truth for fear of getting in trouble. If the kid would have been honest first, we would have known where she was hours before. Lesson for our kids and us that I pray we never forget

2. We love our dog

3. We pursue what we love, what means something to us. We will drive and walk through the darkness, and whistle and shout to find someone we love who is lost. How amazing is it that we are pursued by a Loving God. Some are stolen, some are run-a-ways, and other just accidentally wondered off, but all the same, we are pursued, and through Christ, we are returned home and are greeted with open arms. 

4. Close the gate


I went cheap and decided we would move ourselves. This means that I am in contract with Penske and will pick up the truck on Memorial Day May 28th and we will pull out of Madison en-route to Bradenton on May 29th. This also means I am moving on a national holiday known for kicking back and relaxing (also a day when able-bodied men are home from work). So here is the deal. Anybody who wants to spend their morning off helping me move, two things are promised. Ice Cold Water or Soda and Chicken Wings. If that is appealing, come on over! Moving party stats at 9am and will continue until Lunch at 12noon. We sold most of our stuff, and most of our other stuff is still in boxes in the garage. 


Giving Update- We are approaching our goal thanks to the many of you who have given over the last 6 months! We still are about $20,000 short of our pre-launch budget. If you have yet to give or want to give again feel free to use the donate button on this blog or send a check to 

Good Life Church

PO Box 423

Madison, MS 39130

Love you guys! 

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