So… We are HERE!

We have been here on the ground in Bradenton for 4 days. As in any move it has been an emotional roller coaster filled with excitement, unsettledness, boxes everywhere, stress, kids running around and trying to get used to the new surroundings, new neighbors, learning your way around town, on the phone with cable company, and of course going to the beach. Ok, that last one isn’t normal I know, but when you move to the #1 beach in America you better go and visit it. 

The last few days have been pretty surreal. For a year we have been anticipating this day and now it’s here. It’s kind of like Christmas after all the presents are unwrapped. You are excited and thankful, but usually have something that you wish you had gotten, or somebody you wish you could have shared the day with that wasn’t there. Last night as we sat on the beach and watched the sun seemingly melt into the ocean we knew that we were finally here. Finally at the place we have been called to share the good news and our lives. Now our ministry begins. Waking up everyday, readily embracing and realizing the LOVE of God for us and the people of this area, and in turn loving people enough to share with them not only the gospel of God, but our lives as well. We are praying that God would continue stirring a deep affection for our local community and that serving here would be our delight and our joy. 

Thank you for everybody who has been praying and supporting this work. Please KEEP IT UP! Pray for our transition, for our daily meetings in the community, and for our group back in Mississippi that is in process of selling homes, seeking jobs, and making plans to move with us. Also please pray for Paige, Courtney and Meg. These are 3 amazing college students from Pinelake that are coming down this monday to start a 6 week internship with us. They will be spending the time partnering with other local ministries, serving the community, and meeting and loving the locals. If you would like to give towards their trips (I believe they are about $500.00 short each) contact Courtney Boutwell at Pinelake Church (601-829-4579) and she will help you with the details of the needs and how you can support them. Please pray for them as you pray for us at 1:28pm each day! Love you guys!


Giving Report

God has provided for Good Life in A BIG WAY! Between our partnerships with Pinelake Church, Two Rivers Church South Florida, Oasis Church and Fondren Church, as well as some amazing one-time and monthly givers. Here is where we are financially. 

Our prelaunch budget is $116,000 (June-Dec 2012)

We have currently received $91,350.00.

Thank you for your support, we are almost there for pre-launch! This journey is continuing to build our faith and reveal to us the power of the local church. So grateful for everybody who has stepped out and given to see Good Life Church be established in Bradenton/Sarasota! Please keep praying about supporting us over the next season as we prep to launch. 

The Good Life mailing address has officially changed!

Good Life Church

PO Box 21275

Bradenton, FL 34204

Please send all gifts to this address and not our Mississippi one. 

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