Joining Him and them

I have been overwhelmed over the last week as Good Life continues to meet and grow a deeper love for the cities. I knew before we ever stepped foot in Florida that God has been moving here long before He called us here, long before I was ever in ministry, way before I was even born.

The Gospel is the amazing news that God SO LOVES, so it comes as no surprise that Bradenton/Sarasota is LOVED dearly by God. Between meeting planters like Aaron who is planting in Lakewood Ranch, or TJ who has planted in Sarasota, or Jerry who spends his days ministering to the Pride Park neighborhood, or Joe Davis who oversees a ministry to teens in Sarasota, or Bob, who I met at a Ray’s game, who ministers to those with addictions, God has called many men and women to love this place. Many of them have been loving the cities for numerous years and God has used them to change lives and change the community. I am so honored to know that Good Life Church is joining Him and them to play a role in loving these two cities enough to share with them not only the good news of Jesus, but our lives as well. 

It is so refreshing to know that we were not called to come down here to simply start a church, a movement, or a revival. We have been invited by the Spirit of God to join a work. A work He has already begun. A work way too big for us to attempt to do alone. I am loving the hearts of the guys and gals I have met so far and I am so pumped to continue in this journey with them.

Some things to pray about today at 1:28pm (Don’t forget to set your alarms on your cells and spend that time praying for us, our cities, and Good Life Church.

-Pray for my friend Bob who I met this week. He and his amazing family live in Minnesota and he has the task of raising 5 kids. Pray for wisdom, that he would continue setting a great example for his kids to follow. Pray for his teenage boys, pray that they would understand and embrace the LOVE of Jesus daily.

-Pray for Vaque. Vaque is a guy I met today in downtown Sarasota. He has a lot of needs. Pray that God would rescue him from his addictions and his destructive behavior.

-Pray for Pride Park. I am overwhelmed by the great need of the community every time I drive through it. Pray that the Love of God would saturate every home, every heart and that generations of poverty would be broken and the young generation would fulfill all that God desires for them. Pray that many local churches all across the area would be moved to serve this overlooked and often feared community

-Pray for our faith and the Lord’s favor in the following areas…

Location to meet- Pray for one right on UNIVERSITY PARKWAY

Strategic Partnerships- Pray that God would continue connecting us with His Body

Our Schedule- We would continue to leave margin for fun and family time in the midst of demanding and overwhelming ministry

Our interns-Pray that the next 4 weeks of their lives would be life changing! (Paige, Courtney and Meg)

Thanks for the prayers! We love you guys and gals!

If you want to send us some notes of encouragement, financial support, or a fruit cake (please no fruit cakes our PO Box isn’t big enough), please send to our new address

Good Life Church

PO Box 21275

Bradenton, FL 34204


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