Andy and Pam, New Couples, and a Possible Building

This week we were so blessed to have Andy and Pam Dear come visit us. They are great friends and mentors. Andy also serves as one of the provisional overseers for Good Life Church and Pam is one of our prayer warriors. Whenever they are around we laugh a lot, are encouraged in our faith, and are challenged to realize God is bigger, better and more loving than we could ever imagine. Thankful for our time with them!

Since our last update we  have initiated negotiations with a local school for partnership and use of facilities beginning with our preview services in Oct-Dec as well as our weekly services beginning in January of 2013. Please pray that God works everything out perfectly, in His time and under budget.

We got to hang last night with 3 couples from the local area including a couple we have been friends with for over 7 years. I left so energized for a few reasons. 1.We had a blast playing games, 2. It was the first time in a while just Beth and I hung out without the kiddos, 3. I am realizing more and more that all the details of this journey are already known by God. Details like; Who is going to be a part of the launch team? Who are the families that we are going to first minister to? Who are the children that we will see grow up? What are the neighborhoods that we will have small groups meeting in?  Who are these people You called us 800 miles away to lead and to pastor? All these answers are starting to come into focus each day. I am so thankful to Jesus for this journey. In each step, each day, He is unfolding the details of His plan. He is reminding me that this whole story really isn’t mine. Good Life Church is a part of His Story and my family and me are simply support roles. We are just so thankful to be a part of it. 

So please continue praying, sending encouragement, and giving as we all witness the details unfold. How crazy is it that all of us are being used to activate the details of God’s Story for Bradenton/Sarasota? So thankful for each of you! 

Love Changes Everything

1 Thess. 2:8

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