More AQUA walls, A truckload of Mulch and A HUGE THANK YOU!

ImageBradenton Christian School partnered with Good Life Church and Tara Elementary School on Saturday morning. Starting at 9am and going until around 1pm a group of 40 students and parents took over the campus of Tara Elementary and transformed it. The cafetorium is the largest room at the school and painting it from aqua to a neutral color was a task I knew would be improbable to finish before our first preview service…That’s where BCS, led by Debbie Clark, came to the rescue. With a mixture of students from the Builder’s Club (a middle school community service group) and the High School Key Club, and teachersthe team totally finished the project in the small window of time we had allotted. Middle Schoolers with paintbrushes wasn’t something I was too excited about, but to my surprise, every student that painted did an amazing job and the room has been totally transformed!

That’s not all. We also had a lot of the younger students spend the morning in the hot Southwest Florida sun spreading an entire truckload of mulch across planters and around trees. The grounds look great!

After all the projects were completed we gathered together in the cafetorium and I shared some of the Good Life story. I encouraged the team to realize that they did more than paint walls and improve the landscape. The time they sacrificed is going to create an environment of less distraction for many people and families from the Bradenton/Sarasota area to come and hear from God. They helped create an environment where people might hear from God for the first time, hear the name of Jesus, or for the first time the Gospel will “click” for somebody sitting in the room they helped prepare. What I have learned over the years is that a good environment doesn’t change anybody’s life. But a good environment can limit distractions from somebody hearing a clear life changing word, connecting with God in worship, feeling comfortable to invite a friend or come in the first place.

Saturday was a lot of work but as the dust settled and everything was cleaned up, the whole Good Life team was overwhelmed with thanks and appreciation for the hard work of every student, teacher and parent.

Tara Elementary is starting to take form and in less than two weeks Good Life Church will have its very first preview service. It will do so with freshly painted walls, new landscaping and a lot less distractions. GOD MOVE!


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