Preview Service Re-Cap

ImageFor over a year the Smith family, along with many other people who have intersected our journey along the way, have been anxiously awaiting October 21st, 2012. That of course was the date of our very first preview service. 

Let me take you back to about a month ago. Box after box began showing up at our house. Boxes filled with sound equipment, children’s supplies, nametags, even offering buckets. You name it, it was shipped to our home. Our garage started looking like a Storage Wars episode and our cars were parked in the street. (sorry neighbors). Everything that had been ordered was now showing up in the very city we had felt so strongly God had called us to. It was coming together. It was getting real. Real fast.

Two Weeks out all our pipe and drape started arriving and the team started doing a lot of shopping. From Sam’s to Wal-Mart, to Target and beyond the local economy got a boost when Good Life would show up. We purchased pre-school and children’s supplies and everything in between. Life size coloring books, CD players, cribs, carpets and diapers. (It had been 7 years since I bought diapers)

One week out we started prepping for the Pinelake Team to get here. Pinelake is our sending church and one of our biggest supporters. We spent the days on the phone, picking up signage and other freight deliveries. We also spent at least a couple hours everyday over at Tara Elementary getting our storage area set up and organized. A huge thanks to the Tara maintenance team. They went over above to help us get ready.

The week of our launch was crazy. The list of about 500 things to do was finally narrowed to the last 10-15 and the pressure and time crunch wore us out. Our team barely slept, I had nightmares about no one showing up, and I think I ate McDonald’s more than I had in previous years combined. Our mission team from Pinelake, along with various friends and family, made up the servant team for the weekend and everybody played their part. We all worked hard, prayed harder and then waited for Sunday morning.

 Sunday morning was so surreal. I arrived at Tara at 6am and I prayed the whole morning. Prayed for clarity on the message, quality and intimacy in our worship experience and of course that people would show up. The Lord answered all my prayers. Worship was incredible, people responded to the message and over 100 people showed up. People from Tara, from BCS, from our neighborhood and from across town in response to the flyers we sent out made up the crowd.  In just about 80 minutes it was all over. The full parking lots were emptied and we went to work taking down and getting the school set back up for Monday.

As the team gathered after take-down and took their seats at the cafeteria tables, this is what God laid on my heart to say. “If God ever calls you to do something, even if it seems crazy… just do it.” It was in that moment over 2 years of God’s plan for us to step out and plant Good Life became a reality. The baby was born!

I am still buzzing after an amazing first service and the joy of following up with guests and people who are interested in Good Life. For over 5 months I have struggled most in being a shepherd without sheep. Now, I have not only met some, but I am getting to know their names and stories. This is my passion. So pumped!

 Thanks for all your prayers! Keep praying at 1:28pm for Good Life and pray for our next service on Nov. 18th. God is just getting started!

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