Living Out Your Faith at Work

The following is a message from James Schimmoeller. He is a Good Lifer who works in the business world. I love his approach towards living out his faith at work. I hope you enjoy his thoughts and are challenged to live out your faith and make the most of your relationships at work.

Love you guys!


Your Faith and Your Job.

This week Jason shared with us a great message from Ephesians 6:5-9 on work relationships. So the question before us is; how can we be an effective Christian, Christ Light (1 John 1:7), at your place of work without being Bible thumpers? Ok, Bible thumper might be an over exaggeration but we all know there is a line that as Christians we can quickly cross. My point here is not to give a fail-safe way to never cross that line but I want to share what I found to be effective and more importantly not tarnish the name of Jesus Christ.

As Christians we must be connected with our Father and it is through prayer that we as believers stay connected (Luke 18:1-8). Every morning I go before our Father and ask Him “Do you want me to go to work today?” and then I stop and listen always waiting for Him to answer. I have been doing this for over 10 years and still have not heard “no” and there were days that I would beg for a no. Not hearing that no, I would just talk to God sharing with Him what I know I need to do that day. Making a mental checklist of what I know I need to accomplish; I find myself mentally walking through the office reflecting on my co-workers asking God for wisdom beyond my human understanding (James 1:5). Ask God to show me how He is at work in the person’s life and how I might be able to come along side what God is doing. Jesus own words stated, that He, Jesus, did nothing that the Father was not already doing (John 5:19).

Windows of Opportunities
So how is God at work at your job? Do you know or see God at work in your office? I know from experience the issue wasn’t that God wasn’t there, the issue was that I wasn’t tuned in and I never invited God into my workplace. I had to change and like I stated above it started with prayer and then it continued in prayer. I know some of you might not recognize this as prayer but any form of communication with God is prayer. I find myself in situations interacting with my coworker that at times can be frustrating, shocking, deep or just flat out weird. During these times, I would immediately mentally ask God “God what is going on; is this You?” Asking this question invites God into this situation that can provide wisdom and knowledge beyond all human understanding (Prov 3). Try it, I guarantee you will be amazed.

Christ Light
Recognizing the opening is just the beginning, now what? How should you respond? I wish there was an easy answer to these questions. Each situation is different; sometimes we must step up, other times we might be asked to be a good listener, and there are times we maybe required to sacrifice our time and/or resources. The one thing I can say is that you must keep one eye, nostril, ear, leg and hand tuned to the situation and the other tuned to God. Be open to the power of the Holy Spirit who is at work (Acts 1:8). Additionally, recognize and understand that there is more than one team on the field and that our response should be light not darkness, flavor not bitterness (Matthew 5:13-17). Our actions should be that of a balcony person not a basement person; meaning that we should be about building or lifting people up not tearing them down.

Being an effective Christian does not always mean quoting the Bible or leading them through the sinner’s prayer. Being an effective Christian could mean just listening or giving a helping hand to an overwhelming task; an effective Christian is one who is connected to the God and is willing to serve those for whom God has placed within your path.

-James Schimmoeller


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