Check-Up, Canned Goods, Intern and an Office

Good Life!

Just wanted to give you guys a few updates for the week.

This upcoming Sunday, June 9th is the last day to bring in canned goods for the missions project our Children’s Ministry is leading. All donated goods will be given to a local food bank. Our children’s ministry has been walking through the fruit of the Spirit in their classes and the project is in response to the kids wanting to express the goodness of God in them. Let’s clear our kitchens for that!

Last Sunday we launched into the Check-Up series by spending time processing the case for Accountability as well as taking the next step towards having accountability in our lives. If you were not able to fill out a connection card, yet are interested in taking that next step, just email me at and I will connect with you next Sunday. Use your invite card to invite a friend as we will look at the fears of accountability; vulnerability, deception, and betrayal.

Good Life, I would like to introduce to you Zach Singletary. He is a college student from Mississippi that is spending 8 weeks with us in a summer internship. I totally love his heart for people and his eagerness to learn. He is coming down to spend time helping in our children’s ministry as well as supporting some of our other needs. He is the real deal! If you see a 6’4″ guy with glasses and a flat bill baseball cap, you found the right guy! Help me welcome him to Good Life!

Finally, I wanted to share some great news with you. As many of you know I, as well as the leadership team work out of our homes, which can at times be challenging. Especially now that my whole family is home for the summer. For the next few months Good Life now has an office in Comcenter 70 off of state road 70 right by Tara. The Address is 6160 State Road 70 #208. Zach and I will be using it this summer as well as the rest of the staff team. Once we figure out our office hours we will be ready to have some visitors. After the summer we will assess the office usage and decide whether having a designated work space for the team is a legitamate benefit to the team, our work production and the overall ministry of the church. A HUGE THANKS to Kelly Redfoot for helping us find and secure the space!

SEE YOU SUNDAY! Bring a Friend! Image

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