CommunITY, Summer Service Projects and Connections

Hey Good Life!


Just a few highlights as we head into another amazing weekend!


First, this Sunday we are launching into a 5 week series on Good Life’s 5th core value, Community. The series is about how we experience community together as we embrace our city. Looking forward to jumping into that together. Hopefully you took a couple invites on Sunday to pass out to friends and neighbors. I also sent some out in the mail this week. I feel like I’m over communicating this, but I know you all have normal lives with a lot going on. I don’t want you all to miss out on being a part of this series

Also we have some summer projects that we need your help on. We currently have 15 classrooms at Tara Elementary that we are going to paint by the end of summer. We are coordinating around the school’s staff schedule but we would love for each of you to have a chance to come and help out in blessing the teachers and students of the school we call home. If you are interested in being a part of this, email me at and I will coordinate times and dates with you! THANK YOU!

Finally we have launched CCB which is a computer system designed to help us communicate better and connect easier as a church. I sent a message on facebook as well as a message through CCB. A lot of the emails came back because I didn’t have the right emails due to not being able to read the handwriting on our connection cards. 🙂 So, if you missed both here is another link to get you started


Click Sign up and follow the directions accordingly. 

Love you guys! See you on SUNDAY!




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