CommunITY Update

Good Life!

I am back in town from an amazing student camp in the Austin area. It was a long but rewarding week of ministry. 

So far in the CommunITY series we have studied how the early church devoted themselves to both the teachings of the apostles and prayer. We were all challenged in both areas to take steps in our lives to devote ourselves to the same things. “Start small, start now.”

2 Weeks ago many of you took on the challenge to start reading the Bible. Proverbs is a book of wisdom in the Old Testament and has a life load of practical advice and wise sayings. The challenge was to read one of the 31 proverbs each day in the month of July. I have had a blast reading through this with you. God is reminding me of some stuff I had forgotten and revealing to me new concepts and commands. I am so pumped that many of you are experiencing God’s Word daily for the first time in your lives. Keep it up! If you have missed a say , or two, or more… Be encouraged, it’s not too late to start back today. Start small, start now!

Last Sunday, as we studied the importance of prayer to the early church, we were each challenged to pray 7minutes a day, 7days a week for the rest of this month. For some of you, 7minutes is a small fraction of your normal prayer life. For others, 7minutes is the most you have prayed in a day, ever. Many of you got a P7 bracelet this week, but if not we have a whole bunch available on Sunday to help remind you to pray and to open up conversations with others about the challenge. 

This Sunday we will study two practices the early church devoted themselves to. Fellowship and the Breaking of Bread. Both required intimacy, sacrifice and both helped the early church stay focused on Jesus. Good Life is already becoming a people who love to hang together and enjoy each other’s company. The environment we experience on Sundays reveals we are on the right track but we all have a lot to learn about opening up for the sake of the health of the whole body. We will also have the chance to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. PUMPED!

See each of you at 10:30am. If you are reading this and have yet to join us on a Sunday, COME ON ! We meet at Tara Elementary School in Bradenton! See you there!


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