A Weekend you Don’t Want to Miss!

Good Life!

First off let me start out by saying how thankful I am to be home from a lot of traveling. From Texas, to Mississippi and then Alabama, I have been away many nights the last two weeks.I had the privilege of teaching at Pinelake Church while I was gone, giving the church an update on some of the team and stories at Good Life. Here is the link if you want to watch. http://vimeo.com/70554377

I heard great things about service on Sunday and I am so thankful to the Good Life team for working hard and being used by God to lead and serve! A HUGE THANKS to Josh Price for teaching while I was out.

Josh taught on worship and I have heard from many that it was inspiring and challenging. The early church devoted themselves to worship as they lived and existed in a constant state of awe in the presence of God. OH, HOW I WANT THAT!

This weekend we are closing out the CommunITY series as we will study the impact the early church had on it’s city.

Today, we have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places on EARTH! The Sun Coast is incredible and our proximity to the top beaches in the country paint a great postcard. But I think each of us don’t have to look very far to realize our community is in desperate need of experiencing the love of Jesus. Many people are still struggling to stay above water as the housing market inches its way out of the drastic hole from the last 5 years, jobs are still tough to find, families are falling apart, crime is still evident and making its way into even the nicest of communities, almost 1700 of our county’s public school students are homeless, the school system is struggling with a financial crisis and it is affecting jobs, quality of education and facilities. Finally between 70-80% of Manatee and Sarasota County are considered unchurched. As believers, we can’t choose to bury our heads in the sands of our beautiful beaches while our cities struggle. The things the early church devoted themselves to brought change in their cities… the same should be true for us.

So let me give you a head start to experiencing Sunday… On Saturday, we are partnering with my good friend Jerry Parrish and the Manatee County YMCA, along with many other local churches by putting on the Pride Park Summerfest from 4:30-7:30 at Community Church of God at 1003 63rd Ave East. Bradenton. Come, bring your family, meet new friends and help serve an area of our city that has seen it’s share of struggles. Pride Park is made up of many amazing people and families just like ours. There are many people, like Jerry and the YMCA, that invest a lot of time and energy into serving this community. Many Good Lifers have already confirmed that they are in to help and to be there to support. Admission and Food is free. I can’t wait to hear the stories of what is going to happen as our people connect and live out the fact that “love changes everything!” I have included a pic of the flyer to provide you with additional information.

WHAT A WEEKEND! Pumped to see you all again!


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