Good Life Journal – Proverbs 21


 Proverbs 21:30 

 There is no wisdom, no insight, and no plan that can succeed against the Lord.


Solomon was unquestionably the wisest of men. The son of David, he prayed for wisdom and God rewarded him and gave him great wisdom. Proverbs is mostly about that wisdom. So, when the wisest man in the world states that there is no wisdom or success if you are against God, we should believe him.


As a person who strives for success in the temporal world, I try to keep as top priority the eternal world. Often this is hard. How do I decide if an action is truly wise? How do I decide the right path to take? Here it is…

There will be no true success if it is against God. I will never succeed if I am contrary to God’s word or commands. My decisions should be viewed thru the lens of God’s word. “If it fits, it sits”. If it is against God or any of his commands, it will be the wrong choice. Of course, I do have freedom to choose contrary to God, but it is doomed to failure and I will have to live with the consequences. As long as I remember to look at it this way, I will chose wisely. I will have confidence that the Lord will be with me on my path. I will trust in God and give him glory for my success.



Remind me that there is no success without you.  

Remind me to keep you with me on my journey.

Remind me to always give you the glory that you deserve.

Remind me that I will be with you forever in heaven.

– Don J

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