Good Life Journal – Proverbs 30


Proverbs 30:5-6

All God’s words are tried and true; a shield for those who take refuge in him.

Don’t add to his words, or he will correct you and show you to be a liar. (CEB)


Did you catch that first word? “All”. All of God’s words. Not some. Not a few. Not most. But “all”. Every one of them. And they are tried and true. Tested. That means that they are good at all times, not just some of the time. Good for all situations, not just some situations. They pass the test of time.

They are also a shield for those who take refuge in them. What is the purpose of a shield? A Shield provides protection, of course. A shield can provide protection in battle against the enemy itself or the weapons that the enemy uses. But you only need protection when there is some sort of enemy or combatant. It is not an offensive weapon but used for defensive purposes.

This really hit me. It demonstrates that we are in constant battle with an enemy, Satan. Satan’s evil comes in many forms and he tries to do battle on many fronts. But we are protected from Satan if we are a believer of God’s word. And our protector is God. There is no better shield. We need no other protection.


So how can I use His words as a shield? First, I must study His word to be able to know His word.

Second, I must apply His word to my life. I can read a book on how to exercise but if I don’t actually do the exercises, I won’t benefit from the exercises in the book. The same is true of God’s word. I must read AND apply His word to my life. Third, I must be diligent. I must be aware and wary of outside influences and nonbelievers and, even scarier, those who call themselves believers but add to His words.

The Bible is a matter of commitment, not convenience.

His words are only a shield for those that believe. And if you believe, you believe all of His words.

Verse 6 warns us not to add to His word. I have heard comments from some that say the Bible is outdated. Some people believe only the parts of the Bible they want to believe. They pass on other parts because it doesn’t fit their lifestyle, modern culture or the way they want to live their lives. People want to make it fit today’s culture, our times and/or today’s lifestyle. But the Bible is not meant as a matter of convenience, it is a matter of commitment. It is not a matter of picking and choosing what verses we want to apply to our lives or picking and choosing versus we want to believe in. It is clear that we are to follow all of God’s words.


Father, thank you. You are our protector, our guide, our shield. Help us to stay in Your word and stay true to Your word. Give us the wisdom to use Your words to strengthen us and protect us from our enemies.

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