Good Life Journal – Acts 11


Acts 11: 12

The spirit told me to have no hesitation about going to them 


 The main theme of this chapter is listening to the Holy Spirit’s direction. Peter has a vision, “ Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.” The whole world for thousands of years changed because Peter obeyed. This vision made it clear that salvation was not limited to just Jews, but available for all mankind. Cornelius was told to fetch Peter, he obeyed and he was saved. Peter having just seen his vision was told to have no hesitation to go with them. The reward for everyone who listens to God is eternal salvation.  “The Holy Spirit came on them.”


 Isn’t it nice when the Holy Spirit tells us what to do? When we obey, everything eventually works out. Miracles happen when we follow the Lord. If we are in the right lane, following God, we should have no worries or fear. God will protect us and “ In all things, God works good for those who love him”. Romans 8:28

Isn’t that the essence of faith? Believing that if you listen to God, all will work out?

The hard part is hearing God’s direction amidst our busy lives. How do we hear from God? … We just listen. When was the last time we were quiet, except for the voice of God? When was the last time we read the bible expecting to hear God speak to us? This can change today. We can be directed by God if we just listen. We can be on God’s path if we just chose it. We can have faith if we believe, “ In all things, God works good for those who love him”. Romans 8:28


Father, Thank you for loving me. 

Thank you for speaking to me.

Thank you for guiding me. 

Thank you for working good in my life, where I love you.

– Don J

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