Good Life Journal – Acts 13


Acts 13:11 “Listen! The Lord’s power is set against you. You will be blind for a while, unable even to see the daylight.” At once, Bar-Jesus’ eyes were darkened, and he began to grope about for someone to lead him around by the hand.


When you are in complete darkness, you have to put your trust in someone or something.

Bar-Jesus started to grope around once he was blinded. He was in complete darkness and basically helpless. He needed someone to be his guide. It got me thinking that if someone is suddenly blinded what can they do? I thought of 3 things:

  1. Stay in one place: Nothing to do. Nowhere to go. Just stay in one place. Eventually, though, you will need to go somewhere and do something. You will need a guide.
  2. Aimlessly walk: No purpose. No direction. You walk around hoping not to run into anything. You know that danger could be close by but you are powerless to do anything about it. Eventually you will be near danger and it will take someone’s assistance to help you.
  3. Go places guided by something or someone: Bar-Jesus immediately began to “grope about” for someone to guide him. He knew he was not able to do anything without someone’s help. But, (here is the interesting part) while the guide can see, you are putting all your trust and faith in the guide. The guide could be leading you to straight paths or down crooked paths but you really have no idea and have to put your trust in the guide.

Darkness causes us to stumble. But it only takes a little light to allow us to see a clearer path. Anywhere there is light, the light overpowers the dark. It may be dark around the light (think of a candle in a cave or nightlight in your house at night) but even the faintest of light is visible. The more light, the clearer the path.


We are all blind at some point in our life. We may be able to physically see but mentally we are blinded to the truth. The reality is that if you are blinded, you must put your trust in someone or something. You can’t just stay in one place and you can’t aimlessly walk around all of the time. So, who are you going to trust to guide you? In v 47, Paul tells the Jews that God has called him to be the Light to Gentiles in order to save the world. Those that have put their faith in Christ have seen the Light.

Darkness and Light cannot exist in the same place. Light overcomes Darkness. In John 1:5 it says “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” People are attracted to the light, no matter how bright the light is and how dark it is around them. We need to be as much like Jesus as we can so we can reflect as much of His light as possible because we may be called to be the guide

We have to put our faith and trust in the Light to be guided. Like Paul, we must be the light so we can guide others to get to know Him.


Help me to be the light for non-believers so they can be guided and come to know You.

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