Good Life Journal – Acts 25


Acts 25: 12

 He declared: “You have appealed to Caesar, to Caesar you will go”


 God’s plans prevail despite the efforts of his enemies. Paul was in prison for years. He even outlasted the Roman Governor, Felix. Paul had always dreamed of preaching in Rome. The Jews plotted to ambush Paul and kill him on the way to Jerusalem. God had other plans for Paul. Festus decides not to send Paul to Jerusalem (enemy’s plans). The Lord has Festus decide to send Paul to Rome (God’s plans). How long did Paul have to wait patiently for his prayer to be answered? Despite enemies all around, God’s will always prevails.


Often, I pray for something and I don’t feel like God hears me. Why are my prayers not being answered? Paul’s patience inspires me. I don’t have that kind of patience. Could I wait years for my prayers to be answered? God may be working on my prayers, but He is not ready just yet. I must remember that God works on his time, not mine. The young man on Sunday said something that really struck me, “Time isn’t a factor when you serve the one who made time.”

 God will answer me, if he wills it, in his own time. Paul waited years. The Jews accused him, he went to jail, Felix died, Agrippa and Bernice came to town, Festus tells them about Paul, Paul makes his case, sees his opportunity, and appeals to Rome. Paul’s prayer is answered. All these things have to line up before Paul gets his wishes. I know that God had all this preordained.

 What has to happen in my life before God answers my prayers? What has to line up in my life before the Lord blesses my prayers? Do I have the patience to wait, maybe even years like Paul, for God’s plans for my life to be manifested? Is time my factor, or is the Lord my factor?



Thank you for being interested in every detail in my life. 

Thank you for working good in all things in my life.

Thank you for lining up all of the conditions in which to bless me.

Thank you for speaking to me today.

Thank you for giving me the patience to live for your kingdom.

– Don J

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