Good Life Journal – Psalm 19


Psa. 19:7 ¶      The law of the LORD is perfect,*

                        reviving the soul;

            the testimony of the LORD is sure,

                        making wise the simple;

Psa. 19:8         the precepts of the LORD are right,

                        rejoicing the heart;

            the commandment of the LORD is pure,

                        enlightening the eyes;

Psa. 19:9         the fear of the LORD is clean,

                        enduring forever;

            the rules* of the LORD are true,

                        and righteous altogether.

Psa. 19:10       More to be desired are they than gold,

                        even much fine gold;

            sweeter also than honey

                        and drippings of the honeycomb.


The psalmist describes the law, the testimony, the precepts, the commandments, rules, and the fear of the Lord. Though to many this list seems oppressive and restrictive each is described with flattering adjectives; reviving, making wise, rejoicing, enlightening, enduring, valuable more that choice gold and sweeter than honey.


The enemy, the world and my own flesh cry out against God. His law, His commandments, His precepts. They are made out to be overwhelming demands that are too much to bear, unfair and unrealistic. Yet if I take the time to consider why I feel this way I am forced to look no further than the Garden of Eden. Two people created and loved by God, given the run of the garden and give authority to oversee and care for God’s beautiful and perfect creation. These two people are given a rule, a commandment to protect them. Though they are given the freedom to eat from hundreds and possibly thousands of trees, they are commanded to stay away from one. This was for their good and for their righteousness. Yet the enemy, the serpent tempts them and forces them to doubt the goodness of God and his law. They fall, they believe the lie and therefore we all fall. We all believe the lie. We believe the lie that God is not good. We believe the lie that His law is too much to ask, too restrictive.

The psalmist writes from a position of trust. He knows God and trusts that He loves him. Therefore the law of God is a benefit to him. The law is beautiful to him, sweet to him. He recognizes that though his flesh drives in the opposite direction, God really does know best.

A few actions steps for application:

  1. Trust the heart of God. God’s commands only seem restrictive when I don’t consider the goodness and grace of the one who wrote them.
  2. Focus on my freedoms. Focus on what I have freedom to enjoy instead of the few things I am restricted from.
  3. Enjoy the sweetness of God. He is perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, true, and sweet. May I know Him this way. May I take the time to enjoy your sweetness Father.


 Father your way is better and more beneficial than my own way, the way of the world or the way of the serpent. Even when my flesh cries out against you may your Spirit within me redirect my mind, my actions and my heart. You know best. May I trust that today above all else.

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