Good Life Journal – Psalm 33


Psalm 33:9

For he spoke, and it came to be; he commanded, and it stood firm.

Psalm 33:12

Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord, the people whom he has chosen as his heritage.



  1. God has spoken to us. We must obey.
  2. We live in a culture that values wealth, luxury, power, intelligence. It is counter cultural to rely on God for wisdom, wealth and protection.


Do we really comprehend the true power of God? By His word the heavens and the earth was formed. He never lifted a finger. He never hired anyone to do the job or have someone else do it for him. He only had to speak and the earth was formed. He simply spoke and the earth obeyed.



We must try to begin to understand God’s power and authority. The earth obeyed God’s word. We need to do the same. God has spoken to us through the Bible. We must obey His written word. He has provided us the word to study, discuss and share with others so they could be saved.

Earthly power and status means nothing to God. In verse 16 it states, “The king is not saved by his great army.” He may win many battles and take control of a great territories but eventually the king will grow old and die. His army cannot save him from eventual death. All of a king’s castles, walls, citizens, etc. cannot save a king from the same eventual fate as everyone else: death. The same goes for a strong warrior. He may win battles. He may win glory. But eventually he grows old and dies.

The king relies on his army and their power to protect his kingdom. The rich rely on their wealth. The famous rely on their notoriety. The intellect relies on knowledge. We think that earthly things will save us. But the wise rely on God for all things. They stand in awe and obey His word.

Only God can deliver us from death. Every path that relies on earthly power, earthly protection or earthly wisdom ends in the same result. Death. We may live in temporary happiness, luxury, power and prestige but is all based on earthly values and not spiritual values.

Nations can have the same fate as a person. If a nation does not follow God, their fate will ultimately end in death. I cannot make everyone in our country choose to follow God but I can make sure I am doing my part. I can make sure I am living a Christian life. Do people see Christian values reflected in my lifestyle, choices, etc.? Do I stand up for Christian values in my choices of music, movies, television, etc.?


Help us to understand your word and how to apply your word to our lives. Help us to stop living according to today’s cultural norms and start living according to your norms. Help us to rely on you for all of our direction and needs.


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