Good Life Journal – 1Peter 3


 1Peter 3:8

Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion, one of another, love as brethren, be humble. 


Here, Peter like in much of the bible, gives an instruction manual for our lives. Wives, husbands, slaves, believers, unbelievers and those suffering all get direction as to how to live a righteous life so that we will be “heirs of the grace of life and our prayers will not be hindered.” Verse 7


 Today I hear the voice of God reminding me that fellow believers are my brethren, brothers and sisters in the inheritance of God’s kingdom. 

 As brethren and fellow faithful, we are told to be like-minded. We share the same beliefs and views that we are to live not for this world, but for God’s kingdom. God’s people are not to view things as unbelievers do; we are not to make worldly judgments. We should help each other on our journey to God’s kingdom. I should help fellow brothers to better understand the glorious truth of faith in God. I also realize that fellow brothers and sisters all have a part to play, helping me to grow more like Christ.

 Verse 8 reminds me to have compassion and love for my fellow believers. Love is putting someone else before myself. Am I really loving my fellow believers? Compassion is a feeling of wanting to help someone. How often do I have a sincere desire to help others?

 Finally, I am reminded to be humble. I often need to be reminded not to have a haughty demeanor. A haughty attitude is what keeps me from having love and compassion towards my brothers and sisters in Christ.



Thank you for reminding me that God’s people do not view the world like unbelievers do. As like-minded believers, we live according to Christ, not man’s pleasure. Please remind me to be loving and compassionate to everyone, but especially to brothers and sisters in Christ. Remind often to be humble, especially with fellow believers.Please remind me daily that I will one day live in the glory of your kingdom.

-Don J.


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