Good Life Journal – 1 John 1


“…that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us…(1 John 1:3a ESV)



John writes eloquently about what he and his fellow brothers saw walking with Jesus on the earth. He speaks as a man totally of a changed mind, understanding the Eternal Son, what they physically experienced, and the resultant expression of their lives: “we proclaim also to you…”

But there is an objective that can get missed in reading this passage: “…so that you may have fellowship with us…” and by implication with the Father and the Son.

And their joy is made complete.


I am thinking about fellowship. How often do I “fellowship” and completely avoid speaking about the Gospel (in any part of the Gospel)? I don’t mean non-believers, I am thinking about those guys I would consider (in some way) brothers in Christ?

How do I carry myself? Do I carry myself in some sort of religious attitude? Make sure I say a scripture, reference a speaker, talk about a song, or something like that? Do I do my due diligence to mention something about religion somehow, some way?

Or am I applying myself to make the Scriptures a living part of my life every day—so smoothly integrated as not to be able to tell the “old Rick” from the “new Rick”…not in any expression insincere or fake but intent on cooperating with the Spirit of God to be changed, have my mind renewed, to walk humbly and consistently in the Fruit of the Spirit.

Scripture indicates that if I humble myself, God draws near; He hears my prayers; and is pleased to answer prayer that is given concerning subjects He approves. Somehow all of this changes me.


My Lord Jesus, who has saved me from certain destruction concerning my Sin through Your giving of Yourself as my penalty Substitute: The Propitiation for the World. I don’t review this enough. Everything from my waking to the Gift of Grace that is sleep is due to the Gospel. Father: If I grow in maturity, reveling in the Fact of the Gospel, making that the talk of my tongue no matter where I am—it is sure to bring me a certain joy. Will I falter? Yeah, probably: I will feel embarrassed, wonder how I am going to be fluent and matter of fact; I will wonder how to make Christianity reflexive and not an effort. This is what I ask for: Reflexive Christianity so that I walk worthy of the Gospel every day, every hour.

-Rick Sutton


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